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Life in a Glasscase #7

Authors: Arkenaya, Arya, AshitaMaya, Cati.A, Elypsia Project, Hanaoka, Harobako, Kirathaune, Lehanan Aida, Ninona, Píapb, Rei, Runliney, Sarubaby.
Pages: 120
Published: October 2013
Contents: the exciting story of Jose and the store manager continues in the 7th issue of Life in a Glasscase. Do they end up sleeping together? These characters share pages with other strange personalities, like a bard, a desert god or a wannabe silent film actor. This issue also includes fandoms such as Magi, Adventure Time, Hunter x Hunter, The Wise Man's Fear and Saiyuki.
Price: 3,5€

Life in a Glasscase #6

Authors: Aiwa, Arima Shiro, Arkenaya, Ashitamaya, Carmen 011, Dana Arena, Elypsia Project, Ero★Pinku, Hanaoka, Kialun, Kirathaune, Laura Portolés, Lehanan, Moonlight-hero, Nevee, Sarubaby, Tabe-chan.
Pages: 120
Published: November 2012
Contents: this issue focuses on original comics, with three stories that offer a variety of artistic styles and genres. The fanzine also includes comics based on fandoms such as Adventure Time, Saiyuki, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei or No.6. A new fanzine with the best yaoi.

Price: 3,5€ -sold out-

Life in a Glasscase #5

Authors: Kuroartemis, Pao, Carmen MCS, Taki, Studio Kat, Elypsia Project, Sarubaby, Carmen 011, Arima Shiro, Keiko, Kou, Arya, The Bluelotus, Runno.
Pages: 124
Published: October 2011
Contents: the spotlight of this issue is the exciting world of doujinshi based on famous series, such as Code Geass, Durarara!, Loveless or Fullmetal Alchemist. There is also place for humor, with parodies of Bakuman and The Prince of Tennis. And it also includes a special original story by Elypsia Project. You can't miss it!
Price: 3€ -sold out-

Life in a Glasscase #4

Authors: Ari-yasha, Kari-gane, Ohkami, Carmen MCS, Neko6, Daji, Lunn, Kopii Zelas, Dana Arena, Maru, Arya, Black-chan Mokona, Arima Shiro.
Pages: 116
Published: October 2010
Contents: Life in a Glasscase returns with it's four issue and new stories. This issue includes doujinshis based on Hetalia, Ouran Host Club, Sengoku Basara, Persona 3, Supernatural, as well as an original manga and several illustrations.
Price: 3€ -sold out-

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Under the Same Sky

Hetalia BL Anthology

Authors: Ari-Yasha, Arima Shiro, D.Maula, Flo, Haro-chan, Hoosteenay, Irma-aki, Jasmine, Kari-gane, Kehrilyn, Keiko-chan, Kuroartemis, Lee-Buddy, Leng, Lunn, Mila Valentine, Mintonia, Neko6, Nienn Lieuttenant, Ohkami, Pao, Palindrome, Ryuu, Shinigamistarless, TaiKova, Yutaru Nara.
Pages: 194
First published: October 2009 -sold out-

Second edition: March 2010
Contents: Anthology dedicated to the series Axis Powers Hetalia by Hidekaz Himaruya. It has been released in two languages: English and Spanish.
Price: 4,5€ -sold out-

Website: http://under-the-same-sky.jimdo.com/

Life in a Glasscase #3

Authors: Arima Shiro, Neko6, Dafna13, Kuroartemis, Pao, Zaph, Kari-gane, Ari-yasha, Shinigamistarless, Cinty Helios, Lunn, Arya.
Pages: 72
Published: May 2009
Contents: The third issue ot the fanzine has a new quality edition, more pages and new collaborations. Some of the series of this issue are Nabari no Ou, Kuroshitsuji, Hetalia Axis Powers and D.Gray-man. There is also a comic based on the game The World Ends with You.
Price: 3€ -sold out-

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Life in a Glasscase #2

Authors: Arima Shiro, Thiara Wild, Neko6, Kuroartemis, Dorianne, Pao, Harususaku, Dafna13, Nosfe.
Pages: 5o+12
Published: October 2008
Contents: The second issue of Life in a Glasscase features comics and illustrations based on series Katekyo Hitman Reborn, D.Gray-man, Ouran Host Club, Nabari no Ou among others.

Price: 2€ -sold out-

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Gatsun fanzine

Authors: Arima Shiro, Thiara Wild, Neko6, Dorianne, Ran, Padthong, Lady Northstar.
Pages: 40
Published: April 2007

Contents: Parallel project to Life in a Glasscase. Gatsun fanzine pays tribute to Eyeshield 21, a shounen manga by Yusuke Murata and Riichiro Inagaki.
Price: 2€ -sold out-

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Life in a Glasscase

Authors: Arima Shiro, Thiara Wild, Neko6, Kuroartemis, Dorianne, Zaph, Hanswall, Chise_2602, Esther, Rowein.
Pages: 48
Published: October 2007
Contents: The first issue of our fanzine is based upon the manga Death Note by Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba. It includes comics and illustrations, from humoristic to dramatic.

Price: 2€ -sold out-

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